Knitted clothing

You can go around hundreds of shops and malls, but never find an outfit that would emphasize your personality and at the same time be of high quality. Knitted clothes from Samovyazanka are a combination of careful handwork, unique techniques, ornaments and not unique design of each thing. Even in the movement of capricious fashion, handmade products can be a decoration of the wardrobe for a long time.




Features of Tunisian knitting technique

knitted clothes, cardiganKnitting in this way is unusual for many needlewomen, but this technique has several advantages. First of all, the knitted Tunisian fabric does not stretch or deform during washing, and the pattern remains clear. The strong structure of a product will provide long and pleasant wearing. Tunisian knitting is somewhat similar to knitting or crochet, but has its own specifics. Thanks to this technique, you can imitate cross-stitch or create jacquard patterns. 

All things are made only of natural materials. By experimenting with colors and combining different techniques, we took care of the exclusivity of the outfit and created unique things. 

When choosing things, you should take into account several characteristics that everyone pays attention to - it's comfort and attractive appearance. It is thanks to these two features that knitted designer clothes Samovyazanka are in demand. It is very stylish and pleasant to touch. But these are not the only advantages of such things. Among other advantages:

  • practicality;
  • high quality;
  • convenience;
  • originality;
  • unique cut and pattern;
  • naturalness.

Designer models always win among mass-produced clothes. After all, their price fully corresponds to the quality. They are easy to care for. Even over time, such products do not lose their shape and bright appearance. 

knitted woman clothesWomen's knitted exclusive clothes well suited to any event. It goes well with various elements of the wardrobe.

Knitwear care

When a new thing appears in the wardrobe, you should take care of it. Do only hand washing, dry things in an expanded form on the surface. It is better to store knitwear in a folded form, because they are deformed on the hanger. To protect the outfit from the moth put dried walnut leaves, dried orange peels in the closet. It is better not to pack things made of natural wool in dense plastic bags. It is necessary to leave access to fresh air.

Samovyazanka is an opportunity to express yourself in an outfit that will not happen to you in popular mass market stores, will emphasize your personality, will be a nice gift for loved ones or your memorable thing.