About us

Crocheted rugs, wear from workshop SamovyazankaSamovyazanka - it's not just exclusive handmade products, but also a creative process in which each idea becomes a spark for another. Only people who are engaged in needlework understand how much love is in each loop. We create unique clothes for you and your homes.


Knitted elements for home décor - this is one of the most popular areas of modern design. Well-chosen knitwear will be the highlight of the interior. Crocheted rug will be an original and stylish decoration of your home. It is no secret that home is a reflection of our life and our soul. Everyone wants to make it as comfortable as possible for themselves and their families. Rugs are an indispensable detail in every home, such element of decor plays an important role.

We offer crocheted rugs. You can't create such beauty with knitting needles, you just need a hook that can weave both whimsical openwork patterns that always please the eye and dense patterns that will keep you warm, and you will stop worrying about the cold floor without carpets. The popularity of hand-crocheted rugs is growing again.


to create a unique addition to the interior, is another way to make your home unique and inimitable. Interior crochet is developing very rapidly, as it differs favorably from other types of needlework and mass production. Who and in what year invented the first loop is unknown, but it happened long before our era. Nowadays, this wonderful needlework lives and develops, enriched with new techniques, patterns, compositional techniques, modern materials. Despite its compactness and simplicity, it allows you to create unique, unique clothing models and decorative items.

What inspires us?

Creating a knitted rug is an experiment and the art of transforming a cord into something meaningful and original. A knitted rug can have a deliberately careless appearance, and be a real work of art.

We improve our skills, learn different crochet techniques, experiment with new ideas, follow modern trends to create original decorative products for your homes, but most often we gain inspiration from people, sometimes your bold and creative ideas like a challenge for us and we, charged with it, invest a piece of our soul in creating another masterpiece. Your imagination can dictate the most interesting ideas of execution, which can be realized by the skillful hands of masters "Samovyazanka", combining ancient needlework with a modern design solution. This ensemble fits well into any interior and creates an atmosphere of cozy "home style".

Exclusive handicrafts from the workshop "Samovyazanka" will go to people who want to buy not just a product, but a unique handmade work of art, in which the artist's soul is present, it is the belief that such a thing is only you, not half the globe, so who appreciates products from natural materials of the highest quality. Naturalness is the credo of our products. Creating a unique thing is not an easy task. However, inspiration, perseverance and quality materials provide an opportunity to realize the most creative fantasies.

Knitted cotton and polypropylene cords of TM Massagoni are a new direction that opens up a lot of opportunities to create original interior items. What is the secret of these cords? Everything is simple! Lots of advantages and no disadvantages. The quality of Turkish textiles is known far beyond the country and Maccaroni fully justifies its high reputation. A wide range of colors and textures allows you to embody a variety of your fantasies.

What is the advantage of our carpets?

Samovyazanka is a craft manufacturer of modern decorative carpets which will be pertinent in any interior. Carpets are knitted taking into account the features of the interior of a particular room, becoming a bright accent of a harmonious image, each of them is a unique embodiment of taste and imagination, made in limited series. Completely handmade from 100% natural raw materials. Original look, unique design and high quality - this symbiosis combines knitted rugs Samovyazanka.

Natural cotton carpets, rugs, decorative items are very popular and you will in any case find what interests you. To have an original product that will successfully decorate the house and make it atmospheric and cozy, just go to the workshop Samovyazanka. It is very easy to buy a designer carpet from us, because we will not only offer our options, but also listen to every wish of the client.

We can only wish you pleasant shopping and success in realizing the interior of your dreams!