How to take care of handmade knitwear?

This question worries everyone without exception: craftsmen and buyers. The product, which we knitted with love and care, requires the same further careful treatment. Knitwear requires special, careful treatment, regardless of what yarn they are made of and how they are tied: by hand or on equipment. Therefore, if you want to keep the attractive look of your favorite knitwear longer, these recommendations are a must read.



How to wash knitwear?

Hand wash is the best option for your knitwear. Even if your washing machine has a "wool" or "delicate wash" mode - this is no reason to wash your things in it. Do not neglect the rules of care, recklessly throw the thing in the washing machine and wash with what comes to hand.


It is better to wash knitted and cotton products by hand. If you choose machine washing, you need to wash in a delicate mode up to 30 C and do not use bleach. It is best to use detergents for knitted or cotton products. Washing such things is often not recommended.


Squeeze the washed knitwear slightly and spread it on a horizontal surface (preferably on a towel). Under no circumstances should knitwear be hung vertically: it will stretch and lose its shape. Do not disassemble the product near the heating battery, as this will make the material rough and hard.


It is better to iron knitted products by steam, without touching the soleplate of the iron of the product itself.


Knitwear should not be hung on the shoulders, as they can stretch or completely lose their former appearance.

Things need to be stored in a closet, folded in small piles. You should not put heavy things on them. Knitwear should have enough space to "breathe". When cleaning things for a long time in the closet, do not forget to periodically ventilate them.

If there are any puffs on the product, never cut them, but gently drag them with a hook or needle on the reverse side and, if necessary, secure.

Proper care of knitwear - the key to their longevity!

How to properly care for a cotton rug?

It is good to vacuum cotton several times a week. Dry cleaning is best for this material. If stain cleaning is required, it is not recommended to remove dirt at home. Preferably, we recommend contacting a dry cleaner, where specialized products are used for products made of natural fibers.

With care for you and your knitwear.