Carpet is your knitted accent in the interior. Warmth, comfort, nobility - this is what is associated with carpets. Knitted rug can have a deliberately careless appearance, and be a real work of art. Owners who want to create coziness and comfort in their home, with special care arrange the interior.

Quilted rug from Samovyazanka will complement your design idea. We sew from a variety of high quality materials, filler - hypoallergenic synthetic winterizer. A large palette of colors, shapes, so you can choose them for any interior. The originality of such products attracts everyone's attention. This successfully distinguishes them from mass-produced carpets.

You can go around hundreds of shops and malls, but never find an outfit that would emphasize your personality and at the same time be of high quality. Knitted clothes from Samovyazanka are a combination of careful handwork, unique techniques, ornaments and not unique design of each thing.

 National clothes are always a successful combination of colors and patterns that emphasize female beauty. Embroidered shirts decorated in Ukraine are considered a real work of art, so every woman should have it in a wardrobe.

Your always looks cozy if its floor is decorated with crocheted carpets. These products give the interior a special charm. For the most part, they are rectangular in shape and combine several colors

Home comfort is created from small things. Cute knitted little things for your home will fit nicely the interior and make everyday life more enjoyable. Knitted elements for home decor - this is one of the most popular areas of modern design. Well-chosen knitwear will be the highlight of the interior. Decorating homes with natural things and natural textiles is always nice and interesting.

First, look at all the samples in the Samovyazanka store and choose the model you like best, put it in the cart and place your order. We will contact you immediately and clarify all the details. If this model is not available, we discuss the deadlines.