Crochet rug for bathroom 105x50 cm., 100% cotton

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Crochet bathroom rugs. After a shower or bath, it is very nice to stand barefoot on a soft surface, not on a cold floor. Knitted rugs help with this. You can use the same or similar products in the toilet.

Natural material in the manufacture of carpets involves a lot of manual labor in production. And this allows you to make a high quality product. After all, cotton is collected by hand, then a special treatment, making yarn. And then knit a carpet. All this complex technological process allows to create the unique products combining both naturalness of a material, and special quality.

A big plus when buying a cotton rug is a natural material. Which does not cause allergies and is suitable for any room, including a children's room.

Cotton is easy to care for. It is enough to vacuum it several times a week. And several times a year to carry out a deeper cleaning.