Crocheted rugs

Rug is your knitted accent in the interior. Warmth, comfort, nobility - this is what is associated with carpets. Knitted rug can have a deliberately careless appearance, and be a real work of art.




crocheted carpet black exclusiveOwners who want to create coziness and comfort in their home, with special care arrange the interior.

A luxurious interior is a luxurious designer rug, with the help of which you can recreate your ideas, convey the necessary emotions, desires, as well as realize the interior you have been dreaming of. The beauty of knitted rugs is that they can fit into almost any interior - they will always look appropriate and original.

How to choose the right rug?

The main rule of choice is the exact match of the general style of interior design, the harmonious combination of carpet colors and interior decor elements. Each rug has its own function, based on which the shape, material, color, knitting technique are selected.

  • Forms and types
  • Materials
  • Color
  • Knitting technique

Wicker rugs - experiment with shapes

Thanks to the ability to make rugs of various shapes, such products fit very well into the interior. You may not be surprised, but there is absolutely no framework for the shape of the crocheted rug - it can be: round, oval, asymmetrical, made of several components of different shapes, and showing a little imagination, the woven rug can be given any form.

The choice of material for knitting a rug is rather various.

Creating a unique thing is not an easy task. However, inspiration, perseverance, and quality materials provide an opportunity to realize the most creative fantasies. Knitted cotton and polypropylene cords of TM Maccaroni are a new direction that opens up a lot of opportunities to create original interior items. What is the secret of these cords? Everything is simple! Lots of advantages and no disadvantages:

  • Excellent quality, for production use exclusively, environmentally friendly, certified raw materials, and finished goods pass obligatory quality control.
  • High strength-classic knitted cords are characterized by good wear resistance, and polyester yarn and has no equal in terms of strength and durability
  • Rich palette - the manufacturer offers a chic variety of colors. Raffia - under an unusual name hides a kind of yarn of natural origin.

exlusive crocheted carpet for your homeRaffia is made from large palm leaves, which are harvested without harming the plant. Raffia yarn is a truly amazing production material, in addition, raffia is a breathable, environmentally friendly, clean material, which is so important in today's world, where almost everything has an artificial, polymeric and synthetic origin. The natural color of dried raffia is light sand, straw, very gentle, warm, pleasant shade, but recently this type of yarn is more and more often dyed in different colors that much expands a range of application and allows to model products, to create more original and various. work. In addition to environmental friendliness, natural raffia has many other advantages, primarily - resistance to water. In a damp environment, raffia fibers do not rot, darken, swell, breathe well, do not create a greenhouse effect, while in the sun raffia also feels great, does not burn out, does not dry out, does not become brittle. Thanks to these qualities raffia is ideally suited for creation of street products, garden decoration, a country site.

Care of rugs is directly connected with a material which was used.

The best color for the carpet in the interior: what is it?

Color is one of the key points that influences the choice of carpet. When deciding on the color of the carpet, do not forget about the harmonious combination with the color of the walls, furniture and textiles.

The idea of decorating a room, apartment, house by creating knitted items is very bold and valuable. Today, hand made is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, interior crochet is developing very rapidly. Crocheting to create a unique addition to the interior is another way to make your home unique and inimitable.

Unusual rugs are crocheted for home comfort Knitted carpets

Samovyazanka is a way of a thread from a loop to a loop in which end result, thanks to skill of skilful hands of masters and by means of a hook the man-made masterpiece is created, from it the product becomes even more valuable. Yes, it is thanks to the already acquired skills, mastering new techniques of crochet that you can create both an exquisite unique work and a deliberately careless appearance of the rug. We carefully select each thread, pattern and carefully knit into one canvas. The texture of the crocheted fabric is characterized by a unique interweaving of threads, good density, relief, whimsical openwork, fantasy patterns.

handicraft knitted carpetAny shape, color and size of your rugs will be appropriate where you want to lay them. Original crocheted rugs will find a place in any corner of your house or apartment - near the sofa or bed, under the dining table, in the nursery or just in the center of the living room. Small living room rugs that look like islands will look good. For example, at the chair, at the entrance to the balcony, at the TV. And it does not matter what shape they will be - someone likes small round rugs, and someone will prefer square shapes of the rug in the living room. A cozy and warm place for relaxation, children's games and just interior decoration - all these functions crocheted rugs fully perform. The choice of forms and types is big enough that will allow to choose an ideal option for an interior.

Create your own style by decorating the house with knitted rugs from the Samovyazanka workshop.

What is the advantage of our carpets?

Samovyazanka is a craft manufacturer of modern decorative carpets which will be appropriate in any interior. Carpets are knitted taking into account the features of the interior of a particular room, becoming a bright accent of a harmonious image, each of them is a unique embodiment of taste and imagination, made in limited series. Completely handmade from 100% natural raw materials. Original look, unique design and high quality - this symbiosis combines knitted rugs Samovyazanka.

We are proud of them and will be happy if you choose Samovyazanka carpets for your interior. You can choose a ready-made knitted rug from the collection or order according to individual design, size and shape. We will create carpets according to your own design or help you develop a design that will fit your interior. Your imagination can dictate the most interesting pictures of performance, which will be able to embody the skillful hands of the masters of Samovyazanka.