In order

How to order a carpet in our workshop?

First, look at all the samples in the Samovyazanka store and choose the model you like best, put it in the cart and place your order. We will contact you immediately and clarify all the details. If this model is not available, we discuss the deadlines.




Each of our carpets is a unique embodiment of taste and imagination. The attractiveness of handmade models lies not only in their beauty, but also in their uniqueness. We are an author's, creative workshop, every work, for us as masters, is a small life filled with harmony and beauty, and we believe that the owner of the carpet will accept our admiration and warmth, which are invested in all works.

We will create a carpet according to your own design or help you develop a design that will fit your interior. Your imagination can dictate the most interesting pictures of execution, which can be embodied by the skillful hands of the masters of Samovyazanka, but we do not want to copy.

Rugs to order are knitted:

  • taking into account the features of the interior of a particular room;
  • at the request of the customer we select the color scheme for the interior;
  • it is possible to make rugs of various shapes and sizes;
  • original crochet techniques help to recreate the most interesting patterns, drawings;
  • untie samples, draw sketches, take additional photos and videos;
  • carefully select the yarn;

That each rug corresponded to your preferences and created cosiness in the house. Crocheted rugs add beauty to the craft to decorate any environment. Add a special touch to the decor. Creating a rug is an experiment and an art.

We are for creativity and creativity, so write or call us! We are always in touch.